Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Simpsons..... and The Celtics

Duh Duh DA DA DA ..... yeah that is my weak attempt and writing out the Simpson's theme... though there is a funny joke about it in the movie.

That is pretty much what I can say about the whole thing. The Simpson's movie, which I saw last night, was very funny. There are clearly lots of little joke throughout the movie, and they start from the very beginning, I mean the 20th Century Fox beginning. To be honest, we have been waiting for this movie for about 15 years (I guess they took the time to come up with a really good title) but over all I would say it was well worth it. The movie has a touching story, a political point or two and a hilarity throughout.

I saw the Movie with my friend Danielle who is recently back from Israel. It was really good to see her. She is thinking of doing some exciting things like Teach for America. I am really excited for her.

As for the Celtics, let me start by stating that I am, as expected, a Sixers fan. This means that I have an gene that cause me to hate the Celtics with passion. And for the past two days I have been steaming. Kevin Garnett, The Big Ticket, was traded to the C's for like 72 players, 8 draft picks, 2 Concessions Stands, 7 Maintenance Workers, part of the Big Dig Tunnel, 2 Gallons of Clam Chowder, a set of knifes made by Paul Revere and 2 guys wearing Larry Bird Jerseys. Seriously, Boston may have traded the farm for Garnett, but they are going to get the best out of this deal. I hearken back to when the Sixers traded Sir Charles for Jeff Horneck and a couple of shlubs. Here is the basic idea. In basketball, never trade quality for quantity, you just can't win that way. The Celtics have become one of the dominant teams in the East this offseason, which really makes me mad, cause the Sixers will continue to be a mediocre team in a really bad division. I this going to be another awful season.

and I am out...

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A Mental Fracture said...

although i hate basketball (football f.t.w.), i will pretend to understand your pain ...

ouch ... ::grimace::

and i think instead of "and i'm out..." when ending a blog, you should spice it up ... how about ...

"brickcrest out ..."

it's so very ryan seacrest and we'd have something to make fun of. :)