Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Sensless Loss

So this weekend an old co-worker sent me a yahoo article that said that someone named Ryan Bricklemyer had been shot in the chest and had passed away. Now I was reading the article, so I knew it was not about me and just had an "That is awful" reaction. Today, I did one of those vanity google searches, which I do so often, and I started to see more of the coverage. Some of the local coverage and then it happened. I saw his picture. I knew who he was. It was the kid with the really bad hippos as his myspace background. I had been trying my best to make sure his page would come up after mine in search results for the past month. It was that kid.

He was an 18 year old high school student in Fort Cherry, a football player. A bigger kid with some amazing hair. He looked like a happy guy, every picture with a smile. I went back to his myspace and started to read. Posts from friends, family. Those in shock and remembering the good times. His friends talking about the way he was able to make them laugh. There are posts talking about his seat in class and his parking space, the space that will be left for him at graduation. He just seems like an amazing person.

Strangely I feel really attached to this guy who I never meet, never knew he existed six months ago. I feel for his friends and his family. It is a terrible loss. I am hopeful that I can have the personal impact on those I come in contact with as he did, as he has on me.

Rest In Peace : Ryan Bricklemyer, Fort Cherry PA, April 6 2007

Are You Kidding Me

I am not sure that you all know this, but the Phillies were a great hope in Philadelphia this year. Something else you may not know is they have started the season 1 and 6. That is right, One win, Six losses. Which means they are already five games under .500, five games back of the Braves and once again starting the season out about as bad as you can. The only thing keeping the Phils out of the basement in the NL East is the woeful Washington Nationals, who are currently 300/1 to win the world series.

So here we go again, another season of high hopes and disappointment, but there is something different about this season. Our starting pitchers have put in some gems. We really should have won three or four at this point. It has been the bullpen where the Phils have really come up short. Lets not overlook that after two games this season Ryan Madson, a former starter and jewel of the Phillies farm system, record stood at 0 and 2. He Lost Both Games.

I am still hopeful that Pat Gillick can do something to get some help in the pen. I am hopeful that my desires for a playoff showing are still valid. I am hopeful that I won't have to stop caring about baseball for the season in June as opposed to September.

Monday, April 2, 2007

My Head Must Be Enormous

No, I am not talking about my personal ego, though I am sure it contributes. I just wanted to point out that it is nearly impossible for me to find some sunglasses. Yes, this whole post is about sunglasses.

First, I think it is important to understand my current situation, and why protecting my eyes from the ever damaging rays of the hurtful sun. I drive... I drive all the time. Daily, I drive a hundred miles plus. I see the sun come up and go down each day, and that causes a problem, cause well, the sun is really bright.

In order prevent my ever precious eyes from being injured I would like to find some sunglasses. Now I am sure that for most of you this would not be a difficult venture. You take a trip to the mall or Target and pick up a pair. You may try on three or four, but eventually you find a pair that fits your face and look pretty good. This would be where you and I differ. When I take this trip I try on 10-15 pairs of this simple product and find that not a single pair look good. If i were trying to find a pair of swimming goggles I would be golden. Every pair make me look like I am a mad scientist. It is just crazy. It doesn't matter if the glasses are 10 bucks or 100, they all just look awful.

So here is my challenge to everyone who reads this, help me. i need some decent looking sunglasses for under a hundred bucks. Anyone who is successful gets dinner on me. Good Luck to all of you.