Friday, June 29, 2007

Week in Review

Sorry for the lack of posts folks. Early in the week I was hit with a little stomach thing and later in the week I was hit with a little bit of the lazy bug, but I am back.

It has been an interesting week, so lets give a little bit of a rundown.

Saturday, I know that is officially last week, my friends Elan and Brian and I went to Mike's Crab house near Annapolis. This is one of the best parts of living in Maryland, though going to Mikes does remind me of you know who, we had a great time.

Monday night I went to watch Raw, as I normally do (I know... big dork) and just a couple minutes before I read that Chris Benoit had died. I was surprised by this, but as the facts have come out it is really sad. First, yeah, I have read a ton of the coverage. It is a little bit like a Car wreck. I don't want to read, but I just can't turn away. It is sad to know that he committed these gruesome murders and took his own life. There is never a strong enough reason for someone to take another life, and even less to take your own. I hope that they are all in a better place and my thoughts go out to all of the individuals effected.

I got to attend two baseball games this week, Tuesday and Wednesday. Both were Yankees vs Orioles at, Oriole Part at Camden Yards. First the park is still amazing. Camden years was built something like 15 years ago and still seems to be the gold standard for ballparks around the country. I have also seen games at AT&T park in San Francisco and Citizens Bank Ballpark in Philly. You can plainly see where designers borrowed from different aspects of the parks. I will say that they are all much better than the Vet and I am glad to be able to cross them all off my list of parks I have been too.

Anyway the games were both really good. Tuesday night was with my company, Sogeti. We had Hot Dogs (with Bologna on top????) and bags of snacks given to us. It was a really good time. But Wednesday was the big day. UMBC had a bullpen party at the stadium. Ninety minutes before game time you can come to the park and have some decent food and cheap beer for free while watching batting practice. All was going great and then it happened. Roger Clemens. Yup, Roger Clemens. He started to warm-up in the bullpen, and I am literally feet away from the guy. It was an amazing experience just to see this guy pitch from that close up. I can see why batters are intimidated by him. He is very big and can pitch very fast.

Dad had another operation, but got some good news. I am not sure I understand it all, but I will have more info and ideas about his spirits soon.

Onto more things that happened this week. umm.... that is about it actually. A good one over all, still hoping for good news as always. Have a good one folks.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Arrested Developments

No, I have not been arrested, but I have been watching this show and it has been great. I will be honest that when I first started watching it on TV many months ago, I didn't give it much of a chance, but it is great. I am almost through the first DVD of Season One (I fell asleep during the last episode). If you get the chance, pick this one up.

Gym Class Heroes

So there are two reasons for this post. First is that I have been listening to this band, Gym Class Heroes, and I have to say, this is one of the best groups of this generation. They have a really good mix of beat and message. Intelligent Pop. Plus, being the techie that I am i appreciate the pop and cyber-pop references that they make. This group is signed to the label created by the lead singer of Fall Out Boy, and I think they found a winner.

The second reason is that I to hope to become my own version of a Gym Class Hero, though there will be no class, so really just a gym hero. I have been able to get to the gym three times this week, using the treadmill and the bike. It has been invigorating. I can keep this up. it has not been to much of a challenge. If I can keep upping the levels of the workout I am going to be in much better shape in just a couple pf months, but I guess it is not that hard when you come from such a low level.

I am going to try to post a couple things today, so keep your eyes out.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Oh The Wonders of TV

My Friend Matt posted about his new found love, The Office. I am going to be honest when I say that I am sure Matt has found a good one with this. He has yet to steer me wrong when it comes to programs on "the moving picture box." Honestly one of my favorite new shows, Entourage, was a Matt Pick of the Week.

I thought I might suggest some really good programs that I watch for the enjoyment of the readers:

  • Comedy - Scrubs, Entourage, Sports Night, Arrested Development
  • Drama - The West Wing (an old standby), Lost, House, Numbers,
  • Reality - ummm.... Extreme Home Makeover (I like some of the cool things they do with the Kids' Rooms)
  • Education - Underground cities (I think this is what it is called, it is on the History Channel), Iron Chef, Food Network Challenge
  • Animated - Family Guy, Avatar (This is a really good show on Nickelodeon, give it a chance)
  • Talk/News - The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, Mike and Mike in the Morning, PTI, Around the Horn

If you want to know why I like any of these leave me a comment and I will answer it.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Moving, Life and Updates

Hello My Peeps,

Life has continued down some interesting paths. I began the process of moving... yes it is a process, and I should be done at sometime this coming weekend.

Yesterday was my first day/night in the new place, and of course I have noticed some things. First I am super afraid of electric bills. Halpern was not there all the time, so he didn't use alot of electricity, and having heard the horrors of BG&E (thanks Gerard) I am worried about the extra cost. So AC will be used sparingly, and I am sure I will no longer keep my PC on when it is not in use.

The gym at the place is pretty nice. All updated machines, with TVs in front of each one. Normally I will use headphones, though when I am on the bike I am a little to tall to have the ear buds reach the jack on the TV. It is one of those sit back and relax type bikes. Maybe I will read... yeah... read. There are also some nice weight machines, I will probably use those ever couple of days as well.

Having those three hours back is really nice, though yesterday I only had 1.5 back. I feel like I am going to be able to be much more productive, healthier and happier. It is going to be hard not having a roommate. Living with Elan has been really good, though he does need to figure out his whole work - life balance thing.

The UMBC peeps went to this place, Mongolian Grill, last night. It was really good. It is an all you can eat place, where you grab your veggies and noodles, choose a meat, or not, put it all into a bowl with some sauces, spices and hand it off to be cooked. It is delivered to your table when it is done. It was a little reminiscent to the Dining Hall, but much better.

I am going to a Couple of Yankee Games next week. Game one is Sogeti night at the ballpark. It sounds interesting and there should be a bunch of people from work there. They buy food and such that you pickup in the parking lot before the game. I am looking forward to that. The nest night is UMBC night at the park, which will have a bullpen party before the game and then an upper reserve seat for the game. I am excited to get to see the Yanks... Most of the time the game is sold out, but they are so bad right now that I can get to see them.

Dad has an appointment today, keep your fingers crossed.

My sunglasses broke the other night. I was taking them off of my head and they just snapped. I had these things for just over a month. I go another pair on the way back from Philly this weekend, they are comfortable, but look a little silly.

I cannot get the Plain White T's song "Hey There Delilah" out of my head. It is amazing, and it, without a doubt, is the way I feel right now. It is what she does to me.

I started to watch Arrested Development last night. It is really good and really funny. If you have not seen it, just watch the extended pilot, it is hilarious. And yes, I got season one on DVD.

A little here there and everywhere for this post, but I had alot to say and I am a little worried, as you can imagine, but things are going to be great.

Monday, June 11, 2007

What is in a Name

So as many of you know I have had two major nicknames over the course of my life. Before we talk about them in detail, lets talk about nicknames in general. A person's given name is just that, given, but your parents, or the state, before you have had any time to really bring forward any part of your own personality. And while a rose by any other name smells just as sweet, it still is still not a rose. Names are important. Nicknames are more important.

As stated earlier, I have had two major nicknames most of my list. The first, Brick, is a clear derivation from my last name, Bricklemyer. It may be a sign that most people who use this are just initially to lazy to use my last name, granted this still means they are pronouncing an additional letter as opposed to using my first name. There is no really story around Brick, but I will answer to it. It just is luck of the draw on that one.

The second of my two nicknames, well that is a different story. Here goes...
I spent many years at JCC Klien Branch Day Camps in Philadelphia. Around my junior year in high school, I was a junior councilor, and was paired up with a senior councilor who was the older brother of a good friend of mine. He was kinda a pompous ass, but he was a good guy deep down. Anyway, one day, during afternoon line-up, where the kids are picked up by their parents. My senior councilor and another councilor start to have a little shoving match in the middle of the road. I, of course, decide that this is probably not the best thing, so I get in the middle of it, and push my senior councilor away. The fight diffused at this point and everything seemed ok.

So what does this have to do with my nickname? Well, little known to me, two other councilors, who would later become two of my very closest friends, were standing on the side on the street, not knowing who I was. One turned to the other and goes "Who is that kid who broke that up" and the other says "I don't know, some Bryan Bricknhymr Kid". It stuck. Twelve years later I am still known as bricknhymr.

But something strange has happened over the past twelve years, bricknhymr has become his own persona. For example, bricknhymr can fix things. I can't fix things, I mean my father is great at fixing things, but in comparison, I have less talent in my whole body than he has in his little finger. Yet, bricknhymr can fix things. Bricknhymr is funny... I am a little lame. Bricknhymr is larger than life... I am large at least.

The nickname is important to me. It is part of who I am and I really like it.

I am bricknhymr and bricknhymr is me!!

no more crazy posts.... until the next one.

Updates: I have sunglasses... they are ok, we will see how long they last. We have picked a date for Dad - June 19th, 2012. Paul Bricklemyer, Cancer Survivor. Mom, she wants to go to a baseball game. I am moving on Thursday-Friday. I am madly in love and chasing a person I may never get to hold again, but I am going to keep trying.

Friday, June 8, 2007

I got memed

I was tagged by Twinkie for a meme the other day. While I don't really get the whole meme thing, I will play along.

Here are the rules:

Each player starts with 7 random facts or habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write in their own blog with their 7 things as well as these rules. You need to tag 7 others and list their names on your blog. Remember to leave a comment for them letting them know they have been tagged and to read your blog.

Here we go.

  1. I guess you would call me a gamer - I have played in tournaments for Chess, a yearly Pichnocle tournament, which I have won 4 times, and yes, I play magic the gathering. I know, I am supper lame.

  2. I have a fear of heights - This gets me to a general rule that I do not do activities where my butt has a decent potential to be physically above my head. It just seems unnatural. I do make the exception for Roller Coasters, which I am a huge fan of, but that is about it.

  3. I have a propensity for international foods - I am the guy who spends the most time in the international food aisle in the market and will suggest Indian food whenever possible. What can I say, I am a fan.

  4. Yes, I also watch wrestling - I mean I mostly use it as background noise while playing my DS, but I enjoy the bumps these guys take. It is a male soap opera, so if you watch General Hospital or Guiding Light, no flack.

  5. I am not really sure I should be here - By that I mean I always wonder if I should pick up and move out west. To see if I can hang with the electronic elite and get back in touch with my creative side.

  6. Speaking of creative - I used to paint and sing, seriously. I was in drama club in High School, painted in Middle school and High school and sang from elementary school on. I even had a spat with the flute and a trombone, and yes, I know what those references mean. Seriously, I have not really done alot of traditional creating in the past years, but maybe I can get back to that soon.

  7. Ok, last one - I am currently working on my fear of small woodland creatures. So at UMBC we have half squirrels half rats... better known as sqrats. They are feisty little devils and well, they are not afraid to take away a napkin you have used from you hand or scare the bejebus out of you by jumping out of an unassuming trash can. lets just say that many have played upon this fear, though since where I am currently has Black Squirrels I have had a much better time with them as opposed to the Sqrats.

Well that is it, that is the list. As for tagging others, I don't really have many people who blog or even read this, but here goes. Matt, Janice, Amanda, Danielle, Elan, Jordan, Dom.... lets see if that works.

Off for the weekend. WHOOO HOOOOO.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

And Now for Something Different

Ok, I am taking a small break from lamenting. I have good reason to lament, but it is time to get some humor back.

I am a big ol' manly man. I like sports, played basketball for years, need to shave on a regular basis and no one can really argue with the Big ol' part. Today I may have swayed from my manliness.

I had Soy milk. Yeah, Soy Milk. Worst part - I may have liked it.

Now lets get one thing perfectly clear. The idea that what I had was milk, well that is just crazy. It was Juice. That is right Juice. What do I say this... well I went to pre-school, and learned important things, like milk comes from cows. As Lewis Black would say "moo-moo F*ck cows". Soy milk comes from... not cows.

So I sat here with my Cereal and Soy Juice. Took a deep breath, poured, spooned, chewed, tasted and went huh??? It tasted good. I may be a Soy Juice convert.

Who knows what this my bring? I don't really drink that much milk anyway, so probably nothing, but you never know.

Viva La Soy Revolution!!!