Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Moving, Life and Updates

Hello My Peeps,

Life has continued down some interesting paths. I began the process of moving... yes it is a process, and I should be done at sometime this coming weekend.

Yesterday was my first day/night in the new place, and of course I have noticed some things. First I am super afraid of electric bills. Halpern was not there all the time, so he didn't use alot of electricity, and having heard the horrors of BG&E (thanks Gerard) I am worried about the extra cost. So AC will be used sparingly, and I am sure I will no longer keep my PC on when it is not in use.

The gym at the place is pretty nice. All updated machines, with TVs in front of each one. Normally I will use headphones, though when I am on the bike I am a little to tall to have the ear buds reach the jack on the TV. It is one of those sit back and relax type bikes. Maybe I will read... yeah... read. There are also some nice weight machines, I will probably use those ever couple of days as well.

Having those three hours back is really nice, though yesterday I only had 1.5 back. I feel like I am going to be able to be much more productive, healthier and happier. It is going to be hard not having a roommate. Living with Elan has been really good, though he does need to figure out his whole work - life balance thing.

The UMBC peeps went to this place, Mongolian Grill, last night. It was really good. It is an all you can eat place, where you grab your veggies and noodles, choose a meat, or not, put it all into a bowl with some sauces, spices and hand it off to be cooked. It is delivered to your table when it is done. It was a little reminiscent to the Dining Hall, but much better.

I am going to a Couple of Yankee Games next week. Game one is Sogeti night at the ballpark. It sounds interesting and there should be a bunch of people from work there. They buy food and such that you pickup in the parking lot before the game. I am looking forward to that. The nest night is UMBC night at the park, which will have a bullpen party before the game and then an upper reserve seat for the game. I am excited to get to see the Yanks... Most of the time the game is sold out, but they are so bad right now that I can get to see them.

Dad has an appointment today, keep your fingers crossed.

My sunglasses broke the other night. I was taking them off of my head and they just snapped. I had these things for just over a month. I go another pair on the way back from Philly this weekend, they are comfortable, but look a little silly.

I cannot get the Plain White T's song "Hey There Delilah" out of my head. It is amazing, and it, without a doubt, is the way I feel right now. It is what she does to me.

I started to watch Arrested Development last night. It is really good and really funny. If you have not seen it, just watch the extended pilot, it is hilarious. And yes, I got season one on DVD.

A little here there and everywhere for this post, but I had alot to say and I am a little worried, as you can imagine, but things are going to be great.


Matt said...

Oh you will enjoy Arrested Development! The show rewards people who pay attention too. There are lots of small gags that refer to jokes in previous episodes. LOTS of them, so keep your eyes open.

JH said...

Don't you quartet life crisis me...you mayer wanna be

MrsTwink said...

I am obsessed with "Hey There Delilah" right now. I listen to it constantly and from time to time, I shed a little tear (shh... don't tell anyone. I like keeping a cold exterior). I've already decided that "Delilah" has made its way onto my potential baby names list.

Btw - you sould purchase Freaks and Geeks on DVD so I can borrow it. :)