Thursday, June 7, 2007

And Now for Something Different

Ok, I am taking a small break from lamenting. I have good reason to lament, but it is time to get some humor back.

I am a big ol' manly man. I like sports, played basketball for years, need to shave on a regular basis and no one can really argue with the Big ol' part. Today I may have swayed from my manliness.

I had Soy milk. Yeah, Soy Milk. Worst part - I may have liked it.

Now lets get one thing perfectly clear. The idea that what I had was milk, well that is just crazy. It was Juice. That is right Juice. What do I say this... well I went to pre-school, and learned important things, like milk comes from cows. As Lewis Black would say "moo-moo F*ck cows". Soy milk comes from... not cows.

So I sat here with my Cereal and Soy Juice. Took a deep breath, poured, spooned, chewed, tasted and went huh??? It tasted good. I may be a Soy Juice convert.

Who knows what this my bring? I don't really drink that much milk anyway, so probably nothing, but you never know.

Viva La Soy Revolution!!!


Matt said...

Hand over your balls. I need to take your virility from you. Soy milk! You really think you could get away with that?

Twinkie said...

Good for you! Its about time we stop raping the poor cows of the milk that is intended for their wee babies. Maybe you'll stop eating meat soon? You should try some veggie bacon. The Mr. said Maxim rated veggie bacon as one of the top 50 lamest things but its delicious.

Oh and by the way, I "tagged" you. I've become an official blogging nerd. And I love it.