Friday, June 29, 2007

Week in Review

Sorry for the lack of posts folks. Early in the week I was hit with a little stomach thing and later in the week I was hit with a little bit of the lazy bug, but I am back.

It has been an interesting week, so lets give a little bit of a rundown.

Saturday, I know that is officially last week, my friends Elan and Brian and I went to Mike's Crab house near Annapolis. This is one of the best parts of living in Maryland, though going to Mikes does remind me of you know who, we had a great time.

Monday night I went to watch Raw, as I normally do (I know... big dork) and just a couple minutes before I read that Chris Benoit had died. I was surprised by this, but as the facts have come out it is really sad. First, yeah, I have read a ton of the coverage. It is a little bit like a Car wreck. I don't want to read, but I just can't turn away. It is sad to know that he committed these gruesome murders and took his own life. There is never a strong enough reason for someone to take another life, and even less to take your own. I hope that they are all in a better place and my thoughts go out to all of the individuals effected.

I got to attend two baseball games this week, Tuesday and Wednesday. Both were Yankees vs Orioles at, Oriole Part at Camden Yards. First the park is still amazing. Camden years was built something like 15 years ago and still seems to be the gold standard for ballparks around the country. I have also seen games at AT&T park in San Francisco and Citizens Bank Ballpark in Philly. You can plainly see where designers borrowed from different aspects of the parks. I will say that they are all much better than the Vet and I am glad to be able to cross them all off my list of parks I have been too.

Anyway the games were both really good. Tuesday night was with my company, Sogeti. We had Hot Dogs (with Bologna on top????) and bags of snacks given to us. It was a really good time. But Wednesday was the big day. UMBC had a bullpen party at the stadium. Ninety minutes before game time you can come to the park and have some decent food and cheap beer for free while watching batting practice. All was going great and then it happened. Roger Clemens. Yup, Roger Clemens. He started to warm-up in the bullpen, and I am literally feet away from the guy. It was an amazing experience just to see this guy pitch from that close up. I can see why batters are intimidated by him. He is very big and can pitch very fast.

Dad had another operation, but got some good news. I am not sure I understand it all, but I will have more info and ideas about his spirits soon.

Onto more things that happened this week. umm.... that is about it actually. A good one over all, still hoping for good news as always. Have a good one folks.

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