Thursday, August 16, 2007


Sorry for no post yesterday. Things have been super busy at work and I have been moving, so you could imagine how much time that takes.

Speaking of moving, I have moved out of the apartment that I was subletting to a townhouse of a friend of mine. The place is pretty nice, near UMBC and pretty well priced. I think I am going to be here for a while. It will be nice to not move for a bit.

I have a nice little setup and I really like the other people in the house, and there is a huge TV and a Wii.... YESSSS.

In other news I picked up Madden 08 yesterday, but have not had a chance to play it. Expect a full review soon.

I am looking for a way to maintain our routers signal. It seems to drop alot. Also my Tivo is getting a really fuzzy picture, but not the TV input, it is a little worrisome. I really don't want to get another Tivo. I hope I can fix it.

I promise better posting to come. If you are bored re-read the last post, then comment on it, then link it to your blog and write about it. It will be fun.


Matt said...

God I hate moving. Believe me, stay as long as you can!

Regarding the TiVo, if it is broken, I believe that you can get a new one and transfer your service to it. Certainly this is more of an issue for those with lifetime service on the box (which I know for a fact you don't have), but TiVo also has a deal where you pay $80 bucks for out of warranty support, and they will fix the box or replace it and if they replace it, they will transfer lifetime service to the new one.

For you, all you are probably concerned with is the service contract you signed (or pre-paid service). They will certainly have a way for you to get a new box without losing what you have already paid. A new (non-HD) TiVo these days is basically free and subsidized by the service fee you are paying. In fact, you may want to look into the dual tuner Series 2 box if you can get them to transfer your contract to that.

Chris said...

You're going to help me move in October, right? Hehe

Matt said...

If you are still having TiVo issues, take a look at this.

Free 80 hour Tivo with service activation. The one I gave you was only 40 hours. If your box is broken, they'll most likely let you transfer your contract to the new one.