Friday, August 3, 2007

I love the new Widget, but can I get an RSS Feed

2 posts in one day???

So normally this would go into my tech blog, but in light of recent changes I have made here, and my lack of posting/updating on my other blog I think this is the best place for it.

If you take a look at the bottom of the right hand column you will see a brand new Digg widget. The widget is displaying the Top Stories from, one of my favorite sites on the net. I think the widget will add some more reason for people to visit my blog, let me know what you think. I would pay particular attention to anything labeled with [pic], they are generally HILARIOUS.

I do have one gripe with digg. I tend to read most of my blogs through google reader, on my personalized google homepage. This is a really good way to do it because I don't have to actively visit every site that I want to check. I can go to a central area and see everything I want too. I get sports news, NY Times Headlines, and blog posts from everyone I like to read. I used to have a feed of the front page stories from digg. The problem is that digg is so popular that I just could not keep up. I would get 70-100 stories a day. I was really looking for just the top stories. I emailed the feedback crew at digg, but have not heard back.

All I want is a Top Stories Feed, please help!!!


A Mental Fracture said...

for the longest time i've been trying to figure out what those "digg" boxes are on your blogs but when i click on it to "digg it" it wants me to sign up. free or no, i don't want to sign up for anything anymore. i made that mistake far too many times and now i get emails for tampons, backless dresses, lawnchairs, chia pets, pron (f.t.w. and yes i spelled 'pron' like that on purpose) and salad shooters. i'm not taking that chance again.

bricknhymr said...

Geoff... I would not point you in the direction of crazy ad sign up crap. Digg is a social news site. It is a good thing. It started in the tech world but has branched out. Some of the funniest things in the world show up there. just lurk on the site for a week or two, then you will want to join. hen you do let me know your username.