Sunday, August 5, 2007

Moving: Part 2974

This weekend I once again started to move. On Saturday, Elan and I headed to the City of Brotherly Love, to casa de Bricknhymr. I was looking to move my Desk, which is a really industrial metal/wood corner piece, and my bed, which is the most basic twin you have ever seen. We were meeting my Father and his friend at 8am on Sunday to make the drive down to my new place. I lucked out cause Dad's friend Jimmy had a small pick-up which would come in really handy. I had contacted U-Haul, but they wanted like 150 bucks, and I would have to take the smallest truck, not the cargo van that I wanted. (whining) "Cargo vans don't go one way"... Ummm , Sorry U-Haul Man, but I am pretty sure that if the cargo van can go two ways, it can go one way as well. Just stop a two way trip half way through....

Anyway, I went to pickup Elan at Greenbelt (that is the northern most metro stop for you non Balto-Wash peeps) and we were off... sort of. It was like one and I had not eaten and was starving, as was Elan, which was convenient. We punched up a bagel place in the GPS and were off... except, there was not bagel place. There was nothing. This sucked. I was still hungry and my digits were beginning to look mighty tasty. We happened upon a little flea market. It looked somewhat promising, so we stopped. This was a mistake. First I am sure there was some fantastic food at the market, but I couldn't order any of it. This was entirely due to the fact that I know absolutely no Spanish. If I was adventurous I would have tried to get some tacos or something, but it was just not going to happen. On the plus side, I now know where to get a framed picture of "Jesus", if I ever happen to need such a thing.

We headed out, from the flea market and decided to head to Tawneytown Sandwich Shoppe, and yeah, it is a Shoppe. This place is one of the best kept secrets in Catonsville. Lets just say after a Blues Brothers and a slice of Chocolate pie, I was set. However, it was about this time that I realized that I did not have the keys to my house. That's right, we were about to shove off without any possible way to enter my abode, so we had another detour on the trip. Back to my apartment we went, which wasn't so bad since it was basically on the way.... Except 495 was backed up like something crazy... I am beginning to think that this may be the worst trip home ever, and I still have 175 miles to go. SUCKS!!!!

We made it to my apartment after heading through the back roads of Owings Mills. At this point we were about 2 hours into our journey. We checked the traffic, which was clear, grabbed some water, which was cold, and we were off. It is at this point that I decide to pull Super Huge Bonehead move of the day. That is right, I locked the keys in my apartment.... Seriously. We had to head over to the leasing office and get them to come open the door. Hours = 3. Distance equals basically zero. I was back where I started. SUCKS!!!!!

We did finally got on the road and had a pretty smooth trip up to Philly. The skyline of my home town has always been something I have really liked.

It is pretty nice overall, it has character, grace and you can still see Billy Pen on the top of city hall from most parts of the city. But now the Comcast building is being put up, making the city look something like this:

(Artist's rendition)

The thing is a giant blue monstrosity. I am not sure it really works, I guess I will have to wait and see for it to be complete and lit up.

So we finally made it home and I set off to start to break down furniture, but was distracted by the new Verizon FIOS service that Mom got. It is pretty sweet, at least for TV. I will give you all an internet update at a later date. The big distraction was that we stumbled upon Smokey and the Bandit... Yup, Burt Reynolds, Sally Fields and that great song. Sooooo Goood. Seriously, just look at this poster, how could you go wrong.

After seeing the Bandit get the best of that Sheriff, we finally got to taking care of the furniture, of course, this is also the same time that my sister came home and we decided it would be a good time to head to dinner. We went to Maggio's, a really good Italian place. They have the best Pizza and pasta. This place recently moved from its famous strip mall facility to an old supermarket around the corner. During the move, something amazing happened. They hired the best looking wait staff I had ever seen. It was like some sort of Mecca. Tons of good looking girls. The type you would... well you know. Oh and this is our waitress...

Yeah, we got the one non-18, non-hottie... seriously.
Well , the food was pretty good and we headed back to the house to take care of that furniture, and then we got the call. My friend Andy called and said we should come over to see his new place. We, of course, obliged and headed down the street. I must admit that Andy's new place is really nice. The furniture he and Jerri got from the Room Store was really nice, though they jumped through some crazy hoops to get it. After a Mock Draft (to be discussed in a later post) and a beer, we once again headed back to the house to move that furniture downstairs. It was midnight when we started, but things went pretty quick and we were done by one, and I fell asleep at around two.
This would have been no big deal if my dad come to the house when we agreed too, 8am... yeah, he called at 6:21... SERIOUSLY. He and his friend Jimmy, with his pickup truck were headed to the house, and they would be there no later than 7am.... SUCKS!!!!
We did get everything into the truck, made the trip down to Baltimore, and my new room in Bengi's place. but man, it was a weekend. I am sure there is more to add, but my fingers hurt.


Anonymous said...

Well enjoying jacking off to your 18 year old waitress visions..

ps--they're half your age.

MrsTwink said...

Ryan - you're 36 years old? Who knew?

Btw - I'd "jack off" to the picture of the old lady you posted a pic of. Hot stuff. Maybe I can add that picture in with the "female ejaculation" porn that I've previously purchased.

A Mental Fracture said...

i didn't know you were moving. i guess i should read archives. meh. this sucks ... i haven't even had to time to exert my gay influence on you yet. what a shame.

seriously, tho, good luck with the move and everything. i'm sure it's all for a good cause .... like feeding starving children in downtown philly ... stuffing their dirty cherubic faces full of cheese-steak and gravy fries.

and mrs.twink: ewwww ... i think you thrive off of being able to squeeze "female ejaculation" into conversations. dinner tonight should be a joy.