Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Items, they are a Fallin'

Sorry folks, I have been a bad blogger. Things have been really busy at work. We got through most of our testing on Friday before the Go/No-Go meeting. When we got back from lunch after the meeting there were balloons and cards from my boss. The project is a go and it was really nice to be recognized, even in a small way by the boss.

Anyway, this post is not about work. It is about life. Actually, it is about getting things done in my life. Today that is what I did. I started a bunch of the items on my list and can cross off one more. First what I started:

#68 - Move to Maryland. So I have been in MD for a while, having gone to school here for seven years and worked here for almost six months, but I have never actually moved here. I still have a PA license, and PA tags. My insurance is through a PA address and all of my mail still heads to Huntingdon Valley PA. I am a PA kid through and through. But it is time to officially move to Mary-land.

So this little item actually has quite a bit involved with it. It takes alot to move to another state. Unfortunately, what it takes to actually move here I don't have here. I need my birth certificate, title to my car, a gazillion different pieces of proof of residence, the full knowledge of what is in Area 51. You know, the normal. So, it is going to take me a little longer to actually make the move. I am hoping to be an official resident by the first week in September. Keep your fingers crossed.

You know what would have helped in moving? Having all of my important papers in an organized fashion in some sort of system, potentially folders and such. Hey look at that #52 on the list is to get organized. With all the work that will go into moving, it only makes sense to have gotten this one crossed off. I went to Target (it is a French Boutique) and got a decent traveling file cabinet and some colored files. I made my folder tabs and did my best to get it all set. Next time I go home I will be able to bring this with me and get the papers I need. It is a good feeling to have this organized. Item crossed off!!

I also got started in a really fun item. I purchased the cookbook that I am going to cook every recipe in. I took a look at Alton Brown's "I Came here for the Food", but it was just to big. I think I would need 2002 days to cook all of them, but I did find something with Alton's flavor.

This book seems really good. It has a wide variety of foods, some chefs I really like, lots of different cooking styles, and there are not a ton of recipes. I think it is going to give me a really good start to improving myself in the kitchen. I am going to try my hand at my first recipe tonight for the roommates. I will let you know how it goes tomorrow.

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