Thursday, August 30, 2007

I Have Had Great Co-Workers

So I was thinking the other day about how strange the last year or so has been. I left the comfort of school, a group of people who were very supportive, caring and lived life with integrity and fulfillment. These were people that I look at as having chosen careers which they felt good about, that they felt fulfilled by their lifestyles. I was very very worried about leaving a place, physical and emotional, where I was content and felt like I knew myself. This was May 2006...

Fast forward to September 2007, friends are heading back to classes, I have moved four times and have had gone through two jobs and three companies. I have been laid off, and won awards. Lost and found the love of my life. It has been crazy... and yet it has been great. There are a few things I would want to go back and change, but professionally I would keep it all just the wayit has gone. The work has been challenging sometimes, rewarding sometimes, enlightening sometimes, but the people, my co-workers, they have been great all the time.

At Chase, I had a pretty big group. There were 12 of us in Delaware and another 400 or so globally. It was very high pressure, when there were problems there needed to be solutions. It was an environment where there was literally a trillion dollars going through the system that we were supporting a day.... A TRILLION DOLLARS. With all of that we had a really good time. It was a group of really interesting people, from very varied backgrounds, but we just gelled. It was alot of fun to work there. It was fun to work with different people and as you learned about them, the things the liked and the things they cared about, it became even better.

After leaving Chase I started with Sogeti, which has been a different, but no less rewarding experience. First of all I am a consultant. In theory, this means I can move from company to company, as different work becomes available. I hope that this lets me get experience in a number of different industries, but the thing that worries me is the people. Who will I be working with? what type of role can I play? Will I fit in with team?

In my first assignment at T. Rowe Price I have been pleasantly surprised. The people here are fantastic. I really like my co-workers, even if I am "just a contractor". They are a pretty fun bunch, and they have made me realize that I need to work around good people in order to be happy and successful.

So, after a crazy year, I am hoping things calm down a little, but not to much. I hope I am not moving for at least six months (fingers crossed) and when I do move on from T. Rowe, I am placed with a really great group of people, like the ones I have had the pleasure to work with previously.

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