Thursday, August 30, 2007

MIchael Vick Part II

Ok, so I was catching up on my podcasts today and finally heard Vick's apology that he made on Monday, I think he seemed humble and genuine, he seemed like he realizes what he did and how wrong it was. There was just one part that I found awful...
...Through all of this I have found Jesus, and I am going to turn my life over to him. I think it is the best thing to do at this time...
Seriously, did you find him on the corner in Richmond? Did he come to you in the form of an FBI agent? I wish when people do bad things and then get caught they wouldn't suddenly find some sort of guiding principle. Find it before you do something wrong. Find it before you are in the face of crisis.

Like I said, I think Vick was contrite and apologetic, and I don't think he will be fighting dogs again. But suddenly finding Jesus.... buddy, come to your senses

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