Thursday, August 9, 2007

Baseball... and I Feel Like a Dope

Last night I want to the O's game vs the Seattle Mariners. As part of the Chapter of Young Alumni Steering Committee I was lucky enough to be given a ticket to sit in the Comcast Private Suite. It was very cool, and by that I mean air conditioned. Game time temperature was 101, which is really really hot. There were Misting Tent(s) and free ice being given out at the stadium, but I was in the poshness of the suite.

I picked up Jordan and Erica in Dundalk and we went to the game. I had never tried to come to the stadium from the north and this caused some issues. We took 395 to Russel street and everything was going great until we got to the lot and had no permit. The lady was like, bear to the left and head to the lot at the end of the street. Okay, no problem. I drove down the street and when I clearly was supposed to go right Jordan and Erica both said the woman had said to make a hard left. I took their advice and ended up in the bowels of Raven's Stadium. We could actually see the field and if I wasn't afraid of the going to jail, could have driven my Hybrid right onto it, done a quick touchdown dance, and headed out. It was a little crazy.

We did make it to the right parking lot and headed to the stadium, it was then then we saw it... The sea of white uniforms. The Mid Ship Persons from the Academy were going o be in attendance at the game, which was good, but there were taking up alot of space getting into the place,which was not. The fact that they had to march into the stadium, as opposed to walking, is a little crazy, but to each their own.

We took our flashy tickets to the "hidden" escalator and up to the suite level. It was very cool seeing all of the big company names that were on the little signs by the door. We were in the Comcast box, which was on the third base side, even with home plate. After some schmoozing with the Alumni people, it was time for the game. As he normally does Ichiro lead off with a hit. From there it was a pretty good game. Not the pitching duel that most expected, but entertaining. We did some hanging out with some of the other C-YA people, having at the free food and beer, and watching the out of town scoreboard to see the Phillies Win (YAY), We headed out. Here is a picture of Jordan and I dying in the heat.

Yeah... I am dying more than Jordan. We ended up staying in the Box for the most part after the fourth inning.

As for being the dope. I was scheduled to attend a training this morning. Well, actually I was going to observe others being trained. All was going well, I left on time to get downtown. Found the building with little problem, parked and then asked the desk where the training was... It was at campus.. IN OWINGS MILLS.... Dope

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