Friday, August 3, 2007

28 in 1001 Days

So I have been working on my list. This is much harder than I thought. I also think my list is going to be a little more difficult because I do not own a home, which means that I cannot add any home improvement type items. Here is what I have so far -

  1. Get into an MBA Program
  2. Get a promotion to Senior Consultant
  3. Buy a House (a Condo at least)
  4. Get out of Credit Card Debt
  5. Lose 15 lbs
  6. Paint a Still Life
  7. Visit James in Montana
  8. Have the NACURH Exec Reunion
  9. Read the seven Harry Potter Books
  10. Get a CAPM Certification
  11. Clean Out my stuff from Mom’s House and Dad’s House
  12. See a Broadway Show
  13. Learn enough AJAX to create #14
  14. Make
  15. Get a new Phone
  16. Join a Social Sports Club League
  17. Cook Korean Bar-B-Que
  18. Cross off two more Baseball Stadiums
  19. Take a Wine Tasting Class
  20. Get a Massage
  21. Get up-to-date on my old 401(k) Roll it (I am not really sure what this means)
  22. Get a Wii
  23. Re-Up my ACM Membership
  24. Join the PMI
  25. Get a Passport
  26. Go Fishing with Dad
  27. Baseball Game with Mom
  28. Get an Apple Laptop

So I am slowly continuing to add things. There are some interesting ones on here so far I think. I need to add more travel/visit type items, but I am not sure what else.

Any suggestions?

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a. wat said...

If you come see me (thats a vist) and I can take you to an Indians game...that takes care of a stadium from your list...think about it :)