Friday, August 31, 2007

Recipe #2 and Plans for More

So I was leafing through he cookbook last night and decided I was going o try Rachael Ray's Marinated Flank Steak with BLT Smashed Potatoes. First , let me point out the the "L" in BLT stands for Leek. Now I know what a leek is, but I am not sure I have ever really had them, maybe in a soup once.

Anyway, I came home from the store and started to work. I marinated the flank steak, started to boil the potatoes and then came to the realization that I did not have a grill pan. I though, eh, I can use a fry pan, as long as it is big enough. This turned out to be a little bit of a mistake. So the marinade was a combination of Garlic (Yum), Montreal Seasoning (Yum), Hot Sauce (Very Yum), Worcestershire Sauce, Vinegar, Oil and ... Ground Chipotle... this turned out to be an issue.

After I put the steak in the hot pan I thought to myself to turn on the vent above the range. Then the smoke began, It was not to bad to start, but as things went along it became a little worse, and then a little worse... Lets just say if I was still cooking in a residence hall the building probably would have been evacuated. Ben came home just as I was taking the steak out of the pan, as had a bit of a coughing fit. It was a spicy smoke

And now for the good news. The meal actually turned out to be REALLY REALLY GOOD. The steak was well seasoned, and the potatoes, lets just say these are my new favorite potatoes. SOOOOO GOOOOD!!!

As for future plans, well, Mom'sBirthday is coming up and she wants to have appitizers. I think I am going to make Mini Corn dogs (It counts, even though they are small), Crispy Olives stuffed with Sausage, and maybe somethign else. I am well on my way.

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