Friday, August 31, 2007

It is XFL Weekend

This Saturday is my Fantasy Football draft. Mind you I am in a number of leagues, but this one is the Big Boy. This league started eight years ago with my friends from Philly. It was around the Same time that Vince McMahon, of Wresting Fame, started his Football Venture the XFL. Needless to say out little league of eight has lasted much longer than his!

This year I am taking over as commissioner for the league. We do it all by hand, so it is a really good time, and very unique in the world of Fantasy Football. I am a big nerd, so one of the first things I did was create a new logo for this year.
It looks a little better than what is showing here because I took this off of the program i sent out and don't have the original image.
Anyway, I am pretty excited for this year, which is pretty different that last year. I think I will have time to do a good job as comish, and hopefully well in the league. I have gotten some good advice from the guys at I am hoping for Joseph Addai with the Fourth Pick, after trading down from number 2. Lets hope that works.
Wish Me Luck.

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can-of-beans said...

I'll trade you a can of beans for addai. Wait, I take that back, these beans are goooood!