Monday, July 30, 2007

The Hottest Little PI Ever

Hello My People.

As I am sure you are all aware, cause I posted it last week, I didn't have cable last week at all (also no internet). I decided to dive into my DVD collection and try to complete some of the seasons of shows that I have.

First up was finishing Arrested Development. I really enjoyed this show, and towards the end of season three you can tell that the writers and actors knew they were being cancelled and just didn't care. It is fantastic. For example, when the family is in the dining room and the lead character tells everyone to be careful cause the room is bugged followed by the boom mic dropping into the shot... Brilliant. I highly recommend the show, and you can get it pretty cheap right now. The whole series for like $60.

Next up on the list was Veronica Mars. I was a little weary of this one. Honestly the title and the fact it was on the WB (I think) just made me feel like this was going to be awful. I was so wrong. The story, hard issues, and really deep characters make the show well worth watching. After finishing season one I am really impressed and would also recommend this one, particularly to people who enjoy some sleuthing.

After I got my 'net back I stumbled upon It is an online show with Michael Cera. The kid is really funny. There are only 10 episodes. just check it out. The opening theme is even funny.

Next up on the Docket, well I have some choices. Let me know which of these you think I should watch next.
  • Firefly
  • Weeds
  • 24 (seasons 1-3)

Leave some comments. Later.


a. wat said...

Oh my gosh if you watch 24 you'll be hooked...I've just become an addict all over again, but it's well worth it!!

A Mental Fracture said...

'weeds' is a brilliant show and i highly recommend it, sir. and i stopped watching 24 after the first season ... i just couldn't stay interested ... that is one long day ... oy!