Friday, July 20, 2007

Leadership is like Pornogrphy

So I have not had a ton to write about recently, though I did, last night, check out a new place to live in Catonsville. So that will be the fourth place I have lived in the past yearish... which is a little bit crazy. But since I have not had all that much to talk about I thought I would tell a story of one of the funniest things I have ever heard.

When I was in school I was pretty involved with stuff, which allowed me to go to things like student leadership award ceremonies. The free food was great, but one singular moment made every golf claps for someone who I never heard of, win some meaningless award, worth it.

A certain Vice President at UMBC was giving a quick keynote to a group of the highest quality student leaders on campus. He introduced himself, said how proud he was about the individuals in the room and then started to talk about what a funny thing leadership is. To emphasize his point he said he was reminded of a supreme court opinion where the justice said that "He couldn't define it, but he knew it when he saw it". The VP followed this with the explanation that the Justice was talking about Pornography... "and LEADERSHIP IS LIKE PORNOGRAPHY, I know it when I see it"

WHAT ?!?

At this point every eye in the room scoured the faces of the others that heard this statement, looking for an idea of how to react to what was just said. The overall consensus was just sit and be stunned.

Fast forward to the next day and many of us had gotten over our initial shock over the statement of the year and moved onto ways to make fun of the most ridiculous thing most of us had heard in ... well.... forever. Our method was of course to determine all of the ways that leadership was like pornography. Here is a sample of what we had come up with

  • Sometimes it blows up in your face
  • Not alot of Asian men
  • Constantly reusing household items
  • Its better with two women
  • There can be alot of give and take
  • Everybody watches, but few actually participate

We had a list of about 30 of these, I wish I could find that list.

Leave comments if you can think of more.

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