Thursday, July 12, 2007

Save the Cheerleader, Save the World

I finished season one of Heroes last night. I really like this show. There are a couple things that I take issue with, but I can see why this was one of the best new series of last season.

There is something about superheroes and superpowers, that intrigues little boys when they are young. Most of the time they grow out of it, but there is something about this show, the presentation of superheroes in the real world, that is really interesting to that inner child. These characters can be related too. Most of them seem like they could be walking around today, and no I don't think they really are. The way their abilities are woven into the modern day, this is the way I want to see superheroes. There is realism. The story does not take place in Metropolis or Gotham, it takes place in NYC and Vegas, real places that I have been too.

I also really like some of the characters and story lines. I love the Hiro character and I find Mika interesting, though the Nikki/Jessica thing is a little bit odd with the scope of the show. One of the things that I do find interesting is that they kill off tons of characters. At this point we have already lost two of the main characters and numerous side characters.

I am interested to see what happens in "Volume Two" which we got a teaser for at the end of season one. I generally thing that second seasons have the ability to be better than first seasons, because, when done right, we do not need to spend all of the time on back story. I also want to see if they tie back to some of the early story lines, like Claire's friend Zach and Parkman's wife and soon to be child. If this happens I am really excited for season two.

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A Mental Fracture said...

i love this show and i find it more to my liking for the same reason you do ... it's realistic in a supernatural way. this could be a possibilty ... you don't know. superman is in metropolis ... batman is in gotham ... comic book fantasies, however, this show is treated like a "you're friend could have powers" type of way. it's intriguing and sometimes makes yougo "hmmm."