Tuesday, July 10, 2007

OC Recap; No not that OC

So I have returned from my venture down the shore with our version of the Rat Pack (I am Dean Martin) and I must say, it was a good time and well needed.

Here is the recap. Friday I grabbed Elan at the MARC and started down. We of course stop at one of the best places on the trip, SONIC. We just got Cherry-Limeades, but they were supper good. We chilled out on the patio on the bay with Dam and Bailey the rest of the night and headed to bed for an early morning.

Actually the morning started much earlier than I would have expected, as Dom woke me as he left to get groceries, it was 6:30am. WTF??? But I cannot complain, cause he proceeded to come back and make breakfast for all of us. Pancakes and bacon... not to bad. From there we headed to the beach.

As a small interlude I would like you all to know that I am a little bit pale and have already had pieces of skin removed from my body, just in case. It was a beautiful day and I had both an iPod and a good book. Off we went to the beach and clearly my SPF 45,000 did not do the job, cause from the neck to the waist I am burned to a crisp. Later that night we grilled out at the house. Again, Dom worked his culinary magic.

Next was Putt Putt, which is one of my favorite tins to do down the shore. When I was a kid I loved Putt Putt, but mom and the rest of the fam kinda hated it, so I was not the Putt Putt King that I knew I could be. Well, we ended up playing two different courses on Saturday night, through some nefarious methods, and amazingly i won both games. Under par and feeling proud. Watch our Tiger, I am on my way. Check us out at the Old Pro Course

We finished up the night with some Ice Cream from the place that Dom used to work and watch "This Film has Not Been Rated". The flick is really, really good and I would recommend it highly.
Sunday was pretty slow, we grabbed an amazing breakfast at the Bayside Grill and then headed back to the area. I once again knocked off quite a few podcast off the old iPod, but it was actually a really nice drive.

It is back to the workweek until the next big weekend. Yay Workweek.

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