Friday, July 6, 2007

Ocean City part Deux and Turkey

Well, we are trying this again. Lets hope it goes better. Elan, Dom Brian and I will be making the trek "down the shore"

In other news, the other day was July 4th (I am sure none of you noticed). After spending the day in DC, I headed home to Baltimore. Knowing that I had no food in my apartment I began to ponder the culinary possibilities that I could partake in. I did not want to hit one of the numerous fast food experiences that are oh so close to my apartment. I was looking for something a little bit healthier and alot better tasting. I decided to head to Safeway and see what I could find. I was walking in the meat section, where I don't venture all that often, and happened upon some turkey cutlets that were pretty well priced and looked good so I grabbed them and some other odds and ends. I get to the register and the woman who is checking people out has, by far, the strangest makeup I have ever seen. Here I lids have stripes of Blue, Yellow and Green. I assume that the makeup matched the fingernails, and not the other way around. Anyway, turns out the turkey cutlets were placed in the wrong spot and were like five times as much, so i said forget that and just got a whole turkey breast.

Now, I am not sure if you caught this, but I just said I had bought a whole turkey breast. I spiced it up, threw some carrots and celery around it (cause that is what you are supposed to do right?) and put it in the oven. Hours later the little button had popped and I must say that I am quite impressed with myself. so I have had sandwiches for the past couple of days. Turkey, Pear and Brie... delicious.

So I have begun to watch Heros, and I must say, I am impressed so far. There are some times when the effects are a little cheesy, but there is something about the series that has really drawn me in. I like the Hiro character alot, but could do with out the Ali Lauder story arch. I do like that her husband is "Big Brother Iron Man" from Drumline... my own guilty pleasure.

Well, A good weeked to come. Have a good one everybody :)

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Matt said...

How was Ocean City? Hope you had a good time.

Heroes rocks, BTW.