Monday, July 23, 2007

Leadership Update

I thought I would add to my list of ways Leadership is like Pornography. Here is the running list:

  • Sometimes it blows up in your face
  • Not alot of Asian men
  • Constantly reusing household items
  • Its better with two women
  • There can be alot of give and take
  • Everybody watches, but few actually participate
  • Sometimes it is a pain in the ass (Geoff)
  • You play lots of games with sticks and balls
  • It can put you in sticky situations
  • Sometimes it's messy and takes lots of clean-up (Geoff)
  • Sometimes is Sucks (7/30)
  • Sometimes it Blows (7/30)

Keep them coming people!!!

1 comment:

A Mental Fracture said...

sometimes it's messy and takes lots of clean-up.