Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to Del I Go

So yesterday I was trying to meet up with my mother to get some mail and other things that I left at home the last time I was there. The plan was that Mom and Little T, my sister, were going to drive down from the Valley and I was going to drive up from the Mills, we would meet in the middle (yeah, I think that will be the last time I ever try to shorten those names). Things did not work out the way they were planned at all.

I left work and called Mom... she was so sweet... "Oh Ryan, it is to early, we just got onto 95" great. We decide that I was going to call when I got to the super duper expensive toll in MD. I did that. She was at the casino. I thought ok, well if she leaves within 10 minutes then we can meet at the designated rest stop (classy, I know). No Problems.

I called her again when I got to Delaware. No answer... not good.

She called back and I was already past the rest stop, heading to Delaware Park, the casino she was at only to fine out... SHE WENT TO CHESTER DOWNS.... seriously. Little T and Mom were losing money in the ghetto without being held at gunpoint, and they were 45 minutes away from me.

I decided to go to a restaurant that we had gone to while I was working at Chase, Potstickers. The little place is really good, a nice bar with cheap martinis. Mom and T finally showed up we had a really good diner and I got my things.

Chester Downs Seriously

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A Mental Fracture said...

seriously? chester downs? really? no, seriously?

please give them literature regarding that hole.