Tuesday, September 4, 2007

XFL Draft: In Review

Once again, the XFL draft was a great night with great people. The Hendlers did an excellent job of hosting and there were trophies this year... that is right trophies

There are some things I would like to point out about this picture
  1. There are two trophies, the one on the left is our championship trophy, and will have each year's winner engraved on the large brass plate on the left. The one on the right is the Toilet Bowl trophy. The winner of the (i.e. the league's 5th place team) will need to bring the trophy back with a new roll of quilted 2-3 ply each year.

  2. Yes that is my empty Wawa Diet Green Tea Container... But at least I used a plastic cup and didn't drink it out of the Jug.

  3. Yes the Hendlers decorated the table, and the whole basement for that matter, in Philadelphia sports gear... That's right, Phillies and Eagles place mats.

As for the Draft itself things went really well. I got my pick of Joseph Addai with the forth pick, and ended up with Steve Smith, Marc Bulger, Edge James and the Bears Defense as my big name players.

Below are some picks of the festivities, enjoy

Chad and Monica working hard

Andy and Krangel are clearly more interested in the game on TV than the game in front of them.

The Krets... and there lone QB. PEYYYTON.

He is the King in his Castle

Matt and his iPhone are all curled up

It looks like something really important is going on.

I think Monica may hurt me for taking this picture.

Well, that is the official draft recap... I should never be a sports writer.


can-of-beans said...

ooh...ohhh... I have an idea. You know that empty plastic wawa jug in the picture. I can put that next to the toilet at work

PeteJustHappened said...

Wait. XFL draft. This is really happens?

More importantly, XFL is still going on?

More importantly still, you follow the XFL?