Wednesday, September 5, 2007

How to Build a Better Container

Do you know what I hate....

These things

The question you may be asking is "Ryan, as a self proclaimed foodie, how could you hate this staple of modern food transportation convenience?"

Well, let me tell you why I hate these things. THEY LEAK. To illustrate, lets say you have a container filled with your favorite food, something like this

No imagine that you are riding in your car back to your place of residence in order to enjoy such a lovely dish. (FYI, I pulled that pic of off the net, I have no idea what that actually is) Here is my issue... this food is covered in Sauce, which I am sure is delicious. Now imagine said container on the seat of a car.... you see where this is going.

Oh, and they are bad for the environment.

This is my plea, if you are own a restaurant, STOP USING THESE... Invest in your customers and your containers, get the plastic ones with the snapping lids.

End Rant

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MrsTwink said...

I hate those containers too!! My food always spills out AND they get really weird and funky when you put them in the microwave. I think I've consumed a lot of styrofoam chemicals from them.