Wednesday, September 5, 2007

What is your...

So, in my ever present need to fish for comments and satisfaction that people are actually reading this, I have decided to start posing questions to the audience. The are mostly going to start with "What is your..." Some examples:
  • What is your favorite drink?
  • What is your most embarrassing moment?
  • What is your strangest experience with a power tool?

You get the point. So I am going to pose the question and you should leave a comment to answer.

Question 1 - What is your favorite vacation spot? (We are starting easy.)

I ask this question for a very important reason. I am looking to take a vacation sometime early next year. I am not sure when exactly, or where, but I am looking for some advice.

My current favorite vacation was the Cruise I took with a bunch of friends about three years ago. We were on Royal Caribbean and went to Cozumel and Costa Maya. It was amazing. the weather, the ship, the destinations, the food and the excursions. It was really all great.

So help me out and answer the question.


Eludius said...

I love to travel, but my wife hates to travel. We take 2 vacations per year - both to Ocean City, MD, hon. However, I have been to St. Thomas and loved it. I also visited Germany in the 1980's. That was great. I've also been to Hoboken. Not so nice, but ritsy in some sections.

Wes said...

I rarely get the chance (or the money), but I'd have to say my favorite spot thusfar is California. More specifically, the bay area. If you haven't been there already, I would definitely check out San Fran. I love big cities and I love big cities with bustling chinatowns, so it's basically a perfect match.
Howeverr.. I'm happy to say that my brother and I are planning on going to Tokyo the summer of 2008; I've wanted to visit Japan for so long. If we actually go through with the plan, I'll definitely let you know how awesome it is.

PeteJustHappened said...

Easy. Prague and Krakow, Poland are by far two destinations on the best trip I took.

Dude, move to Europe. It's the shit#1.

MrsTwink said...

I don't really take very fun vacations so I'm obviously going to say where I honeymooned - The Maldives! I mean, it took 2 days to get there but its amazing. Although I know I couldn't live there. I like city life too much.

To Wes's comment - The Mr. has actually been to Japan several times (his dad was stationed there in the Air Force). He loved it and I've always wanted to see Tokyo as well.

Chris said...

Paris! Everyone should go at least once.