Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Apple Announcments: First Impressions

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Steve Jobs, in a black turtleneck and jeans, made a number of big announcements today. Being the fan-boy that I am I thought I would give you my first impressions
  • iPod Shuffle - Nothing really big here... no real feelings
  • iPod Nano "Fatty" - I think this is pretty cool, but the form factor to me does not make nearly as much sense as the original Nano. Here is the thing, the Nano was small, really really small. It was also long, rather than wide. I think the new fatty leave an opening in the iPod lineup. I honestly do not expect this version to do nearly as well as the previous Nano. Time will tell.
  • iPod Classic (aka the old iPod) - This was a nice refresh. I still think Apple should follow their other products in the line by adding colors. The bigger hard drive is always nice (though I still have not filled my 30gig, so 160 is just insane). As for the Name, I am ok with it.
  • iPod Touch - This was the announcement that everyone was waiting for. The interface for the iPhone is great, so this was a no brainer for Apple. The fact that they included safari and WiFi are nice touches. I think this is going to be the default iPod for alot of people. I think the amazing part is the thickness. I would actually worry about snapping this in half.
  • iTunes WiFi - This is a HUGE deal. It looks like the integration has been done very well. Hearing something on the radio, or seeing something, and then being able to get it pretty quickly from the store will be great. I think this is going to be a killer app for the iPhone and a nice inclusion for the iPod Touch
  • Apple + Starbucks - Yeah.... don't really care.
  • IPHONE FOR $400 BUCKS - This is actually the biggest announcement made today, and it got the shortest amount of time. It makes me wonder a couple of things. First, is the 4GB version cancelled. Second, is there a major revision coming. If they are selling so well why would Apple drop the price. It makes me feel good about waiting until version two before I get mine.

Overall I think this was a pretty big day for Apple. Good Job Steve (see the pun).

Think I am right, think I am wrong, let me know. Post a comment.

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Chris said...

I'll get the new Nano when my faithful Mini dies. I don't care about the iPod Touch.

You're right; the biggest announcement was the iPhone price drop. However, I still don't want one.

The 4GB version is discontinued. That was confirmed after Steve's presentation. Apple had to drop the price because that's the way the cell industry works. Whereas Apple can release a Mac computer and let it go without an update or price adjustment for six months or more, that doesn't work for cell phones. A six month old cell phone is ancient and the carriers have moved it to the "Free with contract" display rack. After two months, the "gotta have it now" people already have an iPhone and everyone else who wants one is waiting for something, be it a price drop, an update with 3G, an unlocked version, a CDMA version, their contract with another carrier to expire, or whatever. The only option there that Apple could do now to increase demand for the holiday season was a price cut so that's what they did.