Monday, September 10, 2007

What is Your... #2

In the continuing series of meaningless questions and comment fishing

Question #2 - What is your Favorite Guilty Pleasure?

I don't want to know your crazy desires with whoopee making. I am really talking about the things that you do just because you like them though others would scoff at.

I have a couple. First watching wrestling... as you scoff. I like the production and the ridiculous stories... Plus the high fliers and hard bumps... Stop with the scoffing.

Next I would say cooking/home improvement shows. While I think this has become quite a bit more respectable recently, it is still something that is generally not a conversation starter for me.

What are your guilty pleasures?


Chris said...

"Whoopee making?" Seriously? Are you 70 years old?

Basically, my entire life is a guilty pleasure.

MrsTwink said...

My guilty pleasures are as follows:

- internet shopping and purchasing dresses that resemble something straight out of "Home on the Prairie"

- watching "Leprechaun in the Hood" because nothing it scarier than a Lep in the Hood!

- asking you a bajillion questions about school

- saying LYLAS!

Eludius said...

Guilty pleasures? Not dirty pleasures? Flip that House. Cops. Gossip - I love knowing when someone did something bad. Sneeky peaks. Mowing the lawn - seriously.

wes said...

easy: singing and dancing.
i especially enjoy acting like a complete ridiculous idiot when i sing and dance along to some girly song, like christina aguilera's "come on over, baby."

which i'm doing right now.

PeteJustHappened said...

-reading this blog.

-taking no regard to the environment/cost to heat water and taking nice long relaxing showers.
-researching travel prices, whether or not i'll travel there
-listening to really old songs that everyone hates and blasting them on the speakers (e.g. macho man).