Friday, September 14, 2007

Update on the List

That is right... it is update time... aren't you excited???

So, Moving to Maryland... yeah... that is hard. I am waiting on copies of fun documents like a birth certificate, you know, proving I exist... cause standing in front of someone does not seem to be sufficient.

So, Joining ACM and PMI... this is actually on track. I just need to get some money together to do this. Stupid money and me not having enough.

Getting a CAPM Certification.... I am on my way. I had my first class and am trying to keep up with the reading (there is alot of reading). I think I am going to be ok, and I hope it pays off.

Go Soda Free for a Month.... This is actually going to be much easier than I thought. I am going to slowly step away from the soda and replace that with tea... from there it will be another step to water. I am doing pretty well with this, though I did slip last night at the IIBA event (I didn't even think about it.)

I hope to actually cross some things off soon... we will see. Only 963 Days left.

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