Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Oh... So This Is What Posting To A Blog Is Like

Hello Friends....

After a personal hiatus we have lots to talk about, and I am going to try to knock out a couple posts tonight.

Lets talk about some of the not so exciting things happening in my life. I am once again truly single (Yay Me). If you would like details about this... well I am not sure I will be handing those out, but you never know.

Also not so exciting, I injured myself playing kickball last Wednesday. I know what you are thinking:
Ryan, five year old children are able to successfully play kickball
My answer to you:
They are not as Hardcore as I am
Seriously, I really did a number on my hamstring and I heard a "Pop". I see a doctor tomorrow (which lets me cross off number 70 on my list of things to do). I am really hoping that continues use of my ACE bandage and trying to keep it elevated is all I need. It has been pointed out to me that I should be walking around with a cane, so I can look badass... like House M.D.

Last bad thing going on is my Dad's health. He had a checkup and it looks like the cancer has made a return. While this scares me I am ready for it and ready to be there for Dad. I have not told him, but if chemo is the next step I am shaving my head. No one should loose all of there hair alone.

Enough of all this bad stuff. More posts tonight about good things... and there are good things... YAY good things.

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