Friday, November 9, 2007

Day of Firsts and Seconds.... and Millionthes

Hello my fine friends,

Today has been quite a day for me. First, the First. I had my first Physical Therapy session this morning. You know you did something bad to your leg when one of the PTs comes in and says "Nice Bruise". This being my second go round with therapy in about a year I have come to really appreciate good therapists. The guy this morning, Samir, seems excellent so far. I don't expect to be going very long, but it is nice to know that I am going to someone whom I trust and is nice. Here's to quick recoveries.

Second, the second. Tonight is my second night at the Apple. It has been a blast so far and I know it will continue. I have not gotten my name tag or shirt yet, but that is coming soon. I cannot wait until I get on the floor. Fun Times.

After work I am headed to Geckos, the greatest little Tex-Mex place this side of the boarder fence. Mark, head of the C-YA committee invited me to a shindig for a friend of his there tonight. In a interesting twist, I heard my name last night at the store and swung around, only to see that the person who I am going out to celebrate tonight. Turns out we are co-workers. It is a small, sleekly designed, Apple based world.

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