Thursday, November 8, 2007

Can't Break My Stride, Can't Hold Me Down

Yesterday the Doctor told me I had quite a bruise on my hammy. I didn't think I had one, I mean I had not been hit by anything. He said it was 6cm wide by 8cm tall..... WHAT????

Last night I finally got to looking at the back of my leg... it was not a pretty sight.

(look at them sexy legs)

Mind you ... I WAS NOT HIT BY ANYTHING. I bruised from the inside...

Here is the good news. The Ortho this morning said I will need physical therapy, but not surgery. This is a load off my mind, but still, I cannot believe all this happened from kickball. So a couple of weeks of PT will fill my schedule right back up. Oh well, so is life.


David said...

OOOOOOWWWWWWWW! I'm glad you won't need surgery, friend. That's pretty ugly.

a. wat said...

yikes that is UGLY! Glad you don't have to have surgery that's got to be a huge load off your mind. Take care of yourself!