Tuesday, November 20, 2007

An Interesting Weekend

My friend Andy is getting married next month and this past weekend was his bachelor party. Chad, who is Andy's best man got a limo and made reservations at Delilah's, which is considered one of the best strip clubs in Philly. Here is the thing... I have never been to a strip club. Seriously. Not once. I was pretty nervous going in. I guess I was outwardly displaying my nervousness. I thought I was being cool, but I guess not.

Within the first 20 minutes or so I had someone come over and sit on my lap... this turns out to be a rather normal occurrence. This was the point where the people who I was with figured out that I had never been to such an establishment before. I guess they could tell that it made me really nervous. A few minutes later another, extremely attractive girl comes over to sit on my lap (no one else had been "proposed" to at this point). My friends decided they were going to pay for a dance for me. It was still very strange, but the girl did a really good job of making me feel comfortable and actually talking to me. We actually talked for a while, which I know is not at all the norm, but it was still pretty cool... OMG

I'm in love with a stripper

Okay, not really, but it was a good time and she was super nice. (oh, and she is from Ohio and studying to be a dental hygienist, yeah I am the guy who knows that). If you are ever in Philly and looking for a club, go to Delilah's. I am still not really into the whole scene, but it was a cool experience.

The rest of the night was exactly what you would expect. We had a good time and Chad got CRAZY DRUNK. To illustrate this lets talk about when we got back from the club. We all piled into Andy's place and then we realized that Chad was not in the apartment with us. We went outside and started looking for him. It was dark, and while Chad is not particularly stealthy, he is not easy to find in a very large apartment complex with all sorts of wooded areas and shadowy places. After driving around we circled back towards the apartment, Andy happened to go walk the dog out the back steps and found Chad, passed out on the landing a mere 7 steps from the door... DRUNK. If anyone who is in reality TV production is reading this, get a camera and follow Chad... you will have a hit on your hands.

Ok, more to talk about in later posts.

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CAG Incognito said...

OMG BWFE?! I've been meaning to leave a comment for the last week, but never got around to it.

You've never been to a strip club before?! Why didn't you tell me? We could've had a practice run before you went to the bachelor party. Okay perhaps this is TMI but me and the ex used to go to strip clubs all the time. LOL...I actually prefer female strip clubs because I hate when the men strippers try to touch me and the chicks don't bother me.(Even though most of them are lesbos or bi on the low)

Anyway, I've never been to Delilah's, but I do hang out at the after hours spot next door (Z-Bar). Next time your home we have to hang.

Okay just some rules for engagement next time you go to the strip spot...
1. Strippers are like psychologists. They feel their way through the minds of men and charge by the hour...lol...
2. Okay I know she said she was doing this to pay her way through dental school, but she was probably lying her ass off.
3. You can't find love at the strip club! I love/hate that song by T. Pain, but if you ever listen to the words of the song he's really not talking about love at all. Those hoes are freaking professional and will sell you a dream to get paid...:-)

Goodness that was a long comment...lol