Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Today is All Wet

So I started out my morning pretty normally. Up early to head to PT. I get out of my house, having locked the door behind me and then it happens... I realize that I just locked myself out of the house (aka I left my keys in the house). I had to call my roommate and ask him to let me in. Ben is a super trooper, particularly since I had to call him at 7am to let me back in. Thanks again Ben.

I then went to therapy, which was great. I have made alot of progress with my leg, even though my bruise is wicked sweet. I am not going to need to go for very long, which is good, cause I did not put enough money in my HSA to cover all of this. I will be greatly increasing my contribution for next year.

Then came my favorite part of the morning. I was walking into work, as I normally do, and I began to feel something in my foot. This did not immediately strike me as something strange, due to everything going on in my leg I figured it was a strange side effect of my crazy bruise. I then began to think about this a little longer and realized I was feeling water in my shoe. Again, this did not strike me as all that strange. It was raining so I figured that I had gotten some water in my shoe, just from general walking, as happens every so often. Then it hit me. The moisture that I was feeling in my shoe was coming from the bottom and middle of my foot.... OMG... I HAVE A HOLE IN MY SHOE. Seriously. I have had these shoes for a couple of years, but still. A freaking hole in my shoe. So I am kinda pissed, I like these shoes.

I guess, tonight I will grab a new pair of shoes tonight before work at the store. Stupid water.


CAG Incognito said...

Aww bwfe it just isn't your day! Sorry. :-( If you really like your shoes, you should go to the shoe spot I go to in the mall in OM by the macy's(I'm very hard on my heels and have to get new ones all the time) They should be able to fix it for you.

Just a thought...

MrsTwink said...

Hahahahahaha! I hope you got some new shoes last night.