Monday, October 22, 2007

It Has Been a Long Time and a Great Weekend

Sorry for the lack of posts folks. I have been pretty busy and a little uninspired. I think I get this way when some monotony kicks in. Well this weekend definitely took care of the monotony.

This weekend was UMBC Homecoming. Now I know what you are thinking... and yes UMBC is an actual university with an actual homecoming. I did not get a chance to attend the events on Thursday which included a bonfire and a Bar-B-Que. Thanks to David for the picture. It looks very cool.

As a funny story, a community member did not know what was going on, saw the fire, and called the fire department, saying that there was a two story house on fire. Sweet!!

Friday was scheduled to have Fireworks, and Ice Cream (Fire and Ice). Due to the threat of lightning the fireworks were cancelled but the Ice Cream was moved to the talent show. Having been in attendance at the first homecoming talent show, I was a little apprehensive to attend this one. Unless UMBC students are playing Chess, you wonder about their talent (an obvious exaggeration). I was pleasantly surprised with the show. There was alot of diversity to the talent, and most people were really good. There was one group that said that they drove an hour to get five minutes with the audience.... I want those five minutes back. Seriously the Guitarist and Saxophone combo was pretty amazing, even with their CD skipping out. I was also impressed with some of the bands and of course the UMBC Mama's Boys. There wasn't a great deal of Alumni presence, but Elan and I were happy to hold down the fort for the old folks.

After the show we headed to Double T. As usual this was a interesting meal, particularly when a ton of people, who we had not seen in forever, showed up at like 1 am. Oh, and what may be the greatest combination ever was found. Challah French Toast with Chocolate Ice Cream.... Yum.

Saturday was pretty cool as well, we decided to not head to the crab feast because of the $30 price tag, but we hung out on campus anyway. We did head to the friends of OSL reception, which while not heavily attended, was nice to see some people who I had not seen for a while. After that it was over to the RAC for Jim Gaffigan.

Yes... He is that pale. Actually he was incredibly funny. I know this because I was laughing so hard I began to sweat. That's right... laughing sweat. Any comedian that can talk about Bacon and Hot Pockets and still make me laugh is good in my book.

That night we went back to my place for beer and Wii (is there anything better?). Sunday was Brunch at Gecko's which was fantastic as always.

There were some strange things that occurred. First was the sheer amount of people that asked "What are you doing here?"... Really... It's Homecoming... The worst was when a pretty high up administrator from one of the most important offices on campus asked why we were there. I am not even kidding. I will give her that she was pretty tired after a long day. Also exciting/strange was the game of suicide we played in between the Comedian and Wii. You never realize how truly out of practice you are until you try to play a game of your youth. I used to play suicide every day at recess.. today is Monday, two days after suicide 2007, and my arm is killing me.

It was a good weekend over all. I did one other exciting thing, but I will save that for another post. Bye.

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CAG Incognito said...

It's about damn time you put up another post!

Glad to see you had a good time at homecoming. That's what it's all about...THE ALUMS BABY!! Did you see any old flames? lol..I know they were like damn I f'ed it up with such a great guy! :-)