Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Wild Wind Blows

So I am a little under the weather, which cause me to wake up a little late this morning, however that was not the reason I was almost an hour late to the office. No that was caused by the great automotive equalizer... Wind.

No matter if you have a little light car (such as a 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid), which gets pushed around due to a shear lack of overall mass, or a gigantic SUV, which plays the role of kite such gusty conditions, you are going to get pushed around a bit. What is amazing is the number of people who don't seem any the wiser about this blustery condition.

This morning I passed no fewer than four accidents, which I am sure at least three could be directly contributed to the wind. I may have actually passed five, but i would not tell if the lady who was pulled over at one portion of 695 was in an accident, or just incredibly freaked out.

Here is my personal plea to all those on the roads, be careful... and stop making me late for work.

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