Monday, January 7, 2008

It was a Thai Weekend

Randomly, this weekend revolved around Thai Food. I have no idea how it happened, but I am not one to complain.

On Saturday, I worked until noon and then called up my friend Can-dance to grab lunch. We were going to go to Koydai, a rotating Sushi Bar right off the Towson circle, they however were closed for another four and a half hours. We decided that was a little to long to wait to eat and it would have cost a bunch in the meter. We decided to head across the street to Thai One On/San Sushi Too. This is a really good Thai place. I had some good Panang. The better part was of course the conversation. Can-dance and I have a strange little connection and it is a blast to hang out with her. Of course on of the best parts of the meal was when the staff at the restaurant was yelling at each other about how to make a Jagerbomb.

Later that night I got a text from Schnitz and Kristi that I should meet them at Lemongrass, located in the Flittaly (between Fells Point and Little Italy) section of the city. The place was pretty cool. A little trendy, but comfortable. The drinks and the appetizers were very good. Again, the company made the evening. I have not seen Schnitz in a couple of months and Kristi is out in the desert working for Arizona PIRG. It was a blast to hang out with them. Schnitz and I were previously roommates and I am sure that when people watch us interact there are either greatly amused or are horrified and confused. We are Heterosexual Life partners. (This is a movie reference. Two points arbitrary on the meaningless tote board to the first person to leave a comment with the movie.) In surprise events Mr. Grant, a Brother of ours who is currently in Wisconsin was actually at Lemongrass. How crazy is that. I thought he was playing with some cheese. It was awesome to see him.

As we parted ways that night we decided to head to Little Havannas for brunch. This got away from the Thai mania that was Saturday, but a change was needed. Plans changed pretty quickly on Sunday morning as there was a sign on the door of the restaurant that said something like this:
Gone Fishin' in Key West until the 9th
Due to this unforeseen event an old standby was in order. Geckos it is!! This may be one of the best kept secrets in Baltimore (though if I keep evangelizing that will quickly change). You can't beat good food and bottomless mimosas. The brunch buffet and the rest of the menu is just fantastic. We had a great time and I for one left very stuffed. Home for a nap, some Guitar Hero III and American Gladiators, but that is for another post.


Chris said...

Jay and Silent Bob although I think that term has been used in more than just one film or for one set of characters.

Alan and Denny on Boston Legal come to mind although I don't know if they've used the term "heterosexual life partners." They call themselves flamingos.

bricknhymr said...

Congrats on getting the points. I am sure it has been used elsewhere, but being the round guy I am and he being the skinny pole he is, we also play the parts really well.

CAG Incognito said...

I'm hungry..:-( LOL

KTC said...

Many, if I actually checked out your blog more often, I would have gotten that ...