Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Car Accident is Ending Soon??

As many of you know I was in an accident with my Civic the day after I picked it up from the dealership last in September 2006. Here are some for the lovely pics of the damage.

It looked so beautiful from the front... alas...

The back is not nearly as good. It is like the opposite of a "Butter Face"

It was so new I still had my temporary registration in the windshield and that fantastic New Car Smell. From the side you can see the real damage. The part that made me mad was the other guy got to drive away from this, I was driven to the hospital, the car dealership, the doctors and the rental place. Well it is fifteen months later and I am still going through stuff for this accident. Today there was revelation.

I got a call from GEICO and they said they were recovering my deductible and they will be working on my out of pocket expenses. This is the first bit of the out of pocket money I am getting back, and since I had purchased a car the day before this, it was a pretty big hit at the time. It will be nice to get this back, but the best part will be when i am done with everything, including the injury stuff. Who knows how long that will take, but as of today, things are looking up.


Chris said...

Wow that was worse than mine when I got hit by a snow plow.

Would the opposite of a butter-face be a butter-butt? Yes, I think it would be.

I hope you get all of this straightened out soon. 15 months is a little ridiculous.

PeteJustHappened said...

Brick, if you notice on my page I added the following links:

Brick #1 - A Brick Once Said
Brick #2 - Eat Charm City
Brick #3 - Thoughts of Brick
Brick #4 - Thoughts of Me

#1 hasn't been updated in a while ... will it?
#2 doesn't work ... will it?
#3 doesn't look like your car's gonna be ok ... will it?
#4 one entry in 3 years.

Should I get rid of all except #3?

- -

P.S. how do you do the 100 item thing in your profile ... 100 goals?

bricknhymr said...

Chris - Butter Butt... YES

Pete - Leave #2 and #3. I am going to be putting up number 3 soon. It is going to a Baltimore Area Food Blog. I just have not had a bunch of time to fix the template yet. I do have some post writtena nd tehy will be published soon.

As for the list. I just made an HTML item using ul and li tags. The script at the sopt is a simple Java Countdown script.

Eludius said...

You copy-cat! I put current pictures of my accident on my blog and now you feel the need to put dated pictures on yours!

bricknhymr said...

Yes Eludius, It was so all about trying to show you up. But, I conceded that your pictures were actually worse.