Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Goodbye Jeans Week: It Was Good While It Lasted

When I was a kid I used to look forward to days off from school. Scheduled holidays, snow days, a random day off because the 100 year old water main finally gave way, the reason didn't matter one bit, I was off and it was glorious. I have gotten a bit older and I don't really look forward to days off unless I have something to actually do. Instead the corporate machine has given me a new day to look forward to


I have decided that Jeans day is the greatest thing since sliced bread (though I prefer mine unsliced in loaf form). Everyone and everything seems more relaxed on Jeans day. I am clearly not the only one. I ran into a manager as he was coming into the building today he looks at me an goes "Aww Man, today is Jeans Day. I didn't know, I have been out on vacation!" Sucker has to wear Khakis all day.

Today will end our end of year Jeans run. It was a blessed time from December 23rdish until today. I am not at all looking forward to wearing actual pants to work. Maybe I could wear one of these trendy UtiliKilts (the site is really funny by the way)

Goodbye fair Jeans day... until we meet again


Matt said...

HA! Jeans day? It's jeans decade around here. :) In fact, we have REVERSE jeans day, where, if we so choose, we can wear some nice clothes just for the hell of it. Ok, not really, but truthfully, we're lucky if some of the editorial staff manages to shower and put on something besides their pajamas.

Today I wore khakis, not because I had to, not because I was giving a presentation, but because I felt bad for my nice pants, sitting in my wardrobe, never getting the call up to the big leagues. Seriously, you got to feel for the guys. The had so much promise, such a future ahead of them. They were khakis! Some lucky fellow was going to wear them whenever they had a business event, but wanted to come off as casual. One might even call it BUSINESS CASUAL. Anyway the future was bright, the pants were going to work hard and prove their worth -- until that fateful day when I walked into Eddie Bauer and picked them up in a 50% off sale. Who cares that I didn't really need them? They were HALF PRICE! And with that swipe of my Discover card, it was all over. It was a life of waiting and waiting to be worn, only to show up a few times a year at some fancy shamancy cocktail party, or a nice restaurant.

The world can be a cruel bitch sometimes.

Hope you had a great new years -- nice to have something to read on your site after I got back from a couple weeks off of work.

Oh, and one other thing -- my verification word to post this comment was "pjspakk". Sounds like a paint store. If I ever decide to buy a house, I'm definately going to P.J. Spakk's for all my painting needs.

MrsTwink said...

I have officially hit depression. No more jeans. So sad.

Actually, I don't know what's sadder - the fact that comfy jeans days are over for awhile or the fact that its all I really have to look forward to. Getting old and working in the corporate world SUCKS.

A Mental Fracture said...

sucks that you can't wear jeans :( but you know what does totally rock? utilikilts! my ex used to have some and i wore one several times (the correct way with nothing underneath) and lemme tell you ... there's something very freeing about feeling fresh air on your balls.

totally go with the utilikilt!

A Mental Fracture said...

oh, forgot to mention. it was very, very cool to meet you the other night. you're a good guy and funny as hell. had a lot of fun!

bricknhymr said...

Matt: That may be the comment of the year, not bad for being two days in.

Twink: It will be ok. Jeans day will be here soon enough. Oh Happy, Oh Joy.

Oh Fractured One: It was a blast meeting you as well. You definetly outshine your blog in person. As for the kilt, they are awesome, but I think I will stick to shorts before making the great leap. Though I could see using the tux utilikilt in the future.

Chris said...

We programmers work in cages, in the dark so no one has to look at our hideous visages. The upside to nobody caring about us is that they don't care what we wear either so every day is jeans day.

a. wat said...

I feel bad for you, i work at the whim of a Judge...which at some points can be pretty crappy, unless it's pay-day, St. Patty's day, a Cleveland sports team makes it to the play-offs, or the Buckeyes are in the National Championship, which are in his mind, all acceptable occasions to wear jeans...but then again I can always be fired for no about a toss-up!