Monday, January 14, 2008

Tax Time is Around the Corner

I know what you are thinking... "Ryan you are about three months early". You clearly have not meet my dear old dad. Surprisingly, my father actually has an accountant that he brings to the house every year. The guy is great and he takes care of my dad, sister and my stuff for a pretty good price.

The issue I am having is that our appointment is on February 9th and at this point I have very little of the info that I need. Outside of some receipts for donations I have very little. I have not gotten any of the three W2s I need, no tax forms from my loan companies, no nothing. Oh my what will I do. I am actually worried about getting my W2 from my previous job, since they may be sending it my old address, which means it will need to get forwarded to me. Man, I hope I don't get caught in a bad situation. Here's hoping.

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Chris said...

I don't think you're three months early. Only about a week or two. My return is always done before March.