Friday, January 4, 2008

What to Write Today???

The past couple of days have been nice and relaxed for me. I have not worked at Apple since New Years Day, which has been nice, even though I really like working there. I got a chance to head home and do some cooking. The other night I pulled out the old cookbook and made Cinnamon Panchetta (Bacon) Carbonara. It was like a gooey Mac and Cheese with bacon and a hint of cinnamon (aka MAGICAL).

The blog has been going well. Some of the comments I received about my Jeans Day post were hysterical. Matt and Geoff's are great. There is clearly nothing like the removal of denim and the inclusion of kilts to get people britches all in a bunch.

Here is my favorite lolcat of the day

Depending on my schedule this weekend I am looking forward to maybe going out.
Congrats to Vote NO'malley who reached a great blogger milestone. He got quoted on another blog. Good for you, even if I do disagree with some of your politics :)
Take a read through some of my last posts. The comments have been great, keep them coming. I will try to have better things to write about this weekend.

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