Thursday, March 27, 2008

Could I Teach About Twitter

Wednesday night, I went to a company business meeting where the keynote speaker was from he Netherlands. Okay, most of the keynote speakers are from the Netherlands, so it was really no surprise. I was excited for this particular topic as we were going to be talking about social computing and its impact on business and the world. It is a topic that I am very interested in, since I have two Blogs, am on Facebook, twitter, pownce and am constantly looking at Digg. This presentation was going to be in my wheelhouse. The presentation was given by the Director of ViNT, a research shop in the Netherlands. It was a great presentation, discussing the ways that the mass media is on the way out the door, and instead we now have "Me Media" It was fascinating. I got a chance to talk to the presenter at the bar afterwords and I think I impressed him.

While people were coming into the lecture hall I leaned over to a friend of mine and asked if one of the attendees was one of our old professors. Sure enough it was. I went over to say hello and see how things had been. It was an interesting conversation which basically ended with him asking me to submit a resume and such to come back and teach at UMBC. It was a really cool moment and I was flattered. While I was at the bar for some post meeting cocktails I had some great discussions with the presenter and some of my other colleagues about the idea of "Me Media" and how people can still be productive when they are constantly getting bombarded with information from the gazillion different bits that they get every day. I think I could teach this. I would love to teach this... we will see if this works. I will be sending my resume this weekend.

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Chris said...

So two jobs just aren't claiming enough of your time and you're thinking, "What the hell, why not a third?" Haha, really?