Friday, March 14, 2008

I <3 Wine

For the longest time I have been a beer and cocktail drinker. It is good times. Since moving in with Ben and Jess I have begun to become exposed to the deliciousness of wine. It is nice to have as a cocktail or with dinner, though I am not at all sure that I have really become accustomed to the taste of anything that is all that dry. Luckily some of that began to change this past Wednesday.

I am part of the Chapter of Young Alumni Steering Committee at UMBC. On March 28th we will be holding our third annual Wine Tasting at Geppis Entertainment Museum. This place looks so cool and the $15 dollar ticket is only five dollars more than you would pay to just visit the museum alone. But the best part is that you also get food, wine and can participate in a silent Auction.

The C-YA Steering Committee were able to select the wines we will have at the tasting this past Wednesday. From the initial twelve we ended up with six different types of wine, three white and three red. I actually liked all of the ones that were chosen. We also got to sample the food. The food is really good and will include Crab Cakes, Tequila Chicken and lots of other things served on a stick.

Oh yeah, there will be one other thing at this event. A Silent Auction that will benefit the UMBC Alumni Scholarship fund and the Esperanza Endowment. Check out some of these items.

It looks like it is a going to be a great night. If you are at all interested get your tickets early. We have a limited number and this is normally a pretty popular event. It is just $15, there will be wine and food, amazing things to look at and bid on and lots of cool people to reconnect with. Order your ticket today!


wes. said...

How you doin, ya big alchy?

I know you're busy at work and won't have a chance to read this until you get home,
but I just figured I'd say hello and see how you've been doing. :)

Say Hi to Kim, Gerard, and Carmen for me.

P.S. You finally crossed off #55! I'm so proud.

MrsTwink said...


And I hope your ready for the hot mess that is me at any sort of wine event. :-) You may have to drive me home.