Friday, April 4, 2008

Yay for Opening Day

So I have wanted to write this post for a couple of days, but I didn't want to talk about the start of a new baseball season until the Phillies had a win. So Monday passed, Tuesday went to the wayside, Wednesday was a no go. Finally, Thursday, three games into the season, I can finally talk about how excited I am about this season. I have been waiting for baseball since the four game sweep that ended the first playoff appearance for the Phils since 1993. I am excited to see if Chase Utley cam complete the MVP Trifecta. I am excited to make my yearly trip to Citizens Bank Park, and maybe a trip to either Yankee Stadium or Nationals Park... or both.

But this brings up an interesting point. I think I may be a two sport man. It is odd. I have always been a three sport plus guy. I love football and baseball, and in the past I was completely a basketball guy. I even like to attend some of the odd sports like Lacrosse, Arena Football (I think I would like it) and even a Soccer game. In recent years basketball has pretty much fallen off of my radar. I think some of this has to do with the fact that the Sixers have taken a turn for the worst since 2001. Also, since I am in Baltimore and there is no NBA presence it is hard to really follow the sport.

I think I am fine being a two sport guy. If I slip to one someone may come knocking for my Man Card.


Matt said...

I'm working on getting you to Yankee Stadium. Let's get you in there this year before it's too late.

Eludius said...

I love reading about opening day all the time. It's great!