Wednesday, May 23, 2007

An Interesting Reflection

So I took some time today to read over some of the oldest posts I did in a previous blog and it was some interesting reading. I clearly lamented for a long time in my early college years. I struggled with spelling (the url was misspelled), my emotions, and particularly women. Amazingly, even back then I knew. July 23rd 2005, I knew. I was in love, and I still am.

Okay, good post, see you later :)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ryan, How are you? I read you blog about J-Nice. I hope things work out for you. Of course J-nice and I are still great so we talk all the time. I hope you find some peace within because I doubt things will change. She was a wreck for a while. Her new boyfriend Jason, is a great guy and treats her like a queen. Not to say that you didn't but when you pushed her away, it was hard on her. So good luck with everything and take care. Just remember life goes on.