Saturday, May 26, 2007

In the OC

So I am here with 7 of my brothers and good friends. It has been an interesting couple of days, a hard couple of days, and as much as I want to just relax and let everything go, I just can't. It is to hard. I guess it is time to figure out this stuff, and how I need to deal with it. It is just stacking and building. I am really glad that I am here with my friends, though I feel like I should be in two other places as well, each of them having their own reasons. I need to make sure that things get better, I believe they will, but this is going to be another hard time. I need to not make the mistakes that I made previously, rather face the issues that are at hand and turn them into opportunities. There will be good that comes from all of this, there needs to be.

Between the health issues of my father, the girl I want back more than anything, my friend in the hospital with his stomach in a container behind him, well lets just say there is quite a bit going on. This is on top of my soon to be roommate leaving the country, my mother needing an MRI for vertigo and me looking for an apartment. busy and stressful, and what I really need is... I am not sure what I really need.

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Matt said...

Sorry to hear about your stressful times lately. Things have a way of working out and getting better.

Feel free to call me if you want to talk.