Monday, February 4, 2008

It was a Super Bowl???

I am going to be honest, no matter what happened last night I was going to be a little upset. As you know I am a Philadelphia Eagles fan. This means that I was born with an ever present dislike for the cities of New York and Washington DC and an overwhelming hatred for Dallas and their stupid little cowboys. For the New York and DC things, the dislike is far greater than just cause of their sports teams. It actually harkens to the overall inferiority complex that the whole city Philadelphia has when compared to these two cities, each a mere two and half hours away (though I imagine it would be less if Mrs. Twink is driving).

Remember that Philadelphia was the start of it all. It was the political and financial center of the US during its inception. It was the most powerful city in all the land. And then, someone important decided that the political center of the new country should be closer to the actual geographic center. So instead of the beautiful city of Philly, the capital was moved to a crazy marsh land between Maryland and Virginia.

Then some other people decided that the financial of the US needed to be colder and have far less land if it was going to be a real powerhouse. They moved their financial businesses to a tiny island which they had scammed out of some Natives years before. The details of the trade involved land to the "White Folks" while the Natives received some primitive guns, small pox, alcohol and anything else that they could whittle themselves away with.

What was Philly left with? Well there was still some good art, some good food and a decidedly insane passion about sports teams. Philly fans have always been, and always will be loyal. Yes, we may call sports radio to complain about a teams management, yell and scream about how the star player needs to give a little more effort, even boo cultural icons (yes, we booed Santa Claus) but we do it for one simple reason. WE CARE. We still fly our team’s flags on our homes and cars. We stick with them through the rough times and we are rarely rewarded with any sort of championship. Most of all we cheer. We cheer for our teams and have a great deal of animosity directed for their rivals.

This brings me to last night’s game. A competition between two worthy competitors. The New England Patriots, and their pursuit of perfection (aided by the use of some interesting video equipment), and the New York Football Giants, and their desperate attempt to topple the ever present beast. Both of these teams I tend to somewhat loathe. Going into the game with this sort of mindset I was pleasantly surprised by the game overall. It was an epic battle, regardless of my personal conflict. Former Eagle Assistant Steve Spagnuolo's Defense had a fantastic pressure game for the enigmatic Pats offense. Overall there was great game play and some amazing individual plays (David Tyree, I am looking at you). It may have been the best Super Bowl I have ever seen, but something was lost. I didn't have a horse in the race. I would have been happy with a tie...

I guess I am now looking forward to the 2008 season and who knows what that will bring.

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MrsTwink said...

Dude - I can't help that everyone around me wants to drive SO SLOWLY.