Saturday, February 9, 2008

Brick Lives

It has been a pretty rough week overall. Outside of being hold up in bed with what can only be described as "the death" not much else has happened. It turns out that most of my family has been afflicted by this little disease, which is pretty impressive, considering we live a couple hundred miles away from each other. It was disappointing to have to take off four days from work. I really don't like to waste the small amount of time that I do get, plus I have to take off this coming Friday and the following Monday to take my CAPM Exam and President's Day respectively. Darn illness. Oh and I hate being sick in general. I am pretty bad at it and I'm not a huge fan of having to care of a sick brick by myself.

I did make it home for the weekend, which means I will get to hang out with the fam and some friends that I never get to see, which is always awesome.

More post to come. Peace Out

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Chris said...

Sorry to hear you've been sick with "the death." I'd bring you chicken soup but I don't cook and you're not eating meat so that would just be futile.

Good luck with the exam on Friday.