Monday, February 11, 2008

Another Crazy Week

There will be quite a lot going on in the life of Brick. I am working three nights at the store, plus taking my CAPM exam on Friday. I am excited and nervous for it. I have taken the course and have had quite a bit more than the required training for the exam, but I also have not taken an exam in two and a half years or so. I am not sure I can still take the pressure of sitting down and concentrating on a single thing for three hours. It is a huge deal too. If I pass It is going to really guide the next couple decisions I make professionally.

Oh and another thing. I got my taxes done this weekend. I owe the State of Maryland three grand. You read that right. Three Gs. I am all for taxes as a necessary evil and I get that I have to pay a gazillion people because I have moved around and worked in different states and such, but seriously, three F'n Gs. Of course upon finding out this news I will be contacting my HR person to be sure that my state withholdings are reset for this year.

The Man Comeith and Takeith Away... Damn the Man... Damn


Jamie said...

Are you using Rita Mulcahy's book?
I took the PMP classes at my work last Sept (I didn't take the exam though) I was thinking that I would retake the class and they swear by Rita's book...Good luck!!

a. wat said...

Good luck on the exam I've heard it can be rough but you're smart and already a step ahead because you took the test!

bricknhymr said...

Thank you for the well wishes. I am using Rita's Book. It has been very helpful. I think I am going to do ok, particularly ecause the class I took was actually for the PMP and I am taking the CAPM, but I guess we will see tomorrow.

Chris said...

Good luck tomorrow.