Saturday, December 29, 2007

A New Blog Template and Some Other Improvements

If you are a frequent visitor you may notice some changes to the site. I am going to try to layout the steps I took to make these changes in case you want to make some improvements to your blog as well.

First, you will notice that the blog is now wider. This is a huge deal since the standard templates that are included in blogger are quite thin. I checked Google Analytics and saw that most of my readers have above 1024 pixels wide resolution. I did not want to push the boundaries of everyones screens, so I increased the width to 960 pixels. This means that I could add 220 pixels to the posting area of the blog (Yay). I googled quite a bit and found all the areas I needed to change within the HTML template.

From there I needed to adjust the images that are used to round the corners throughout the blog. Three images are used to create the look of each section. The corners on the top, the corners at the bottom and the rails that run along the side make up each section. I used a great program called to adjust each one of the images (which you can find in the HTML template). In order to use the adjusted images I used my Google Page Creator account to upload the images and have them available via a link. This pretty much finished the widening of the page.

I then used again to create a new header for the page. I like the new design. It feels like it fits the page and makes it seem more professional then the standard header. It was really easy to create, about 20 minutes in I was all done. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Last changes were around the ads running after posts. I decided that I really wanted them centered so I added them to the template using the Google Adsense script as opposed to letting blogger do this for me. This gives me a little more control on placement and look of each ad.

Now that I have made these changes I may be making a couple more. I have put my foot in the water. If I decide to make a jump, watch out for the splash.


Chris said...

It's nice but "Thoughts" is spelled incorrectly in the header graphic.

bricknhymr said...

Thanks Buddy... see what happens when you are working dead tired